About us

Who we are

Foundation Press explore community-publishing and collaborative design.

We produce educational projects, workshops, publications, posters and collaborative artworks.

Our projects normally begin with particular places or communities of people and open-ended artmaking strategies.

We use the idea of a 'printing press' loosely, working in different mediums and locations, thinking about a press as a space where different voices get to be heard.

Foundation Press is led by Adam Phillips and Deborah Bower, working with a wider network of artists and communities on a project-by-project basis. It was founded in 2013 by Adam Phillips, Joe Woodhouse and Tom Madge.

Email: info@foundationpress.org
Foundation Press Manifesto (2017) (PDF, 71 KB)
Foundation Press CV (2022)
Portrait of Adam Phillips and Deborah Bower of Foundation Press
Adam Phillips and Deborah Bower